CG Feature Reel


Pixar,   Car2,   lighting with proprietary software, compositing with Shake
Dreamworks,     Bee Movie, Monsters Vs. Aliens,Kung Fu Panda, Shrek: Forever After,     lighting and compositing with proprietary software
Digital Domain,   Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End,   lighting with Maya, preliminary compositing with Nuke
Sony Pictures Imageworks,   Monster House,   lighting with Maya, compositing with proprietary software
Blue Sky Studios,   Robots, Ice Age: The Meltdown,   lighting with proprietary software, compositing with Shake

House Special, Cedar Fair, Rougarou

Lead Lighter
House Special 2015

Lighting for entire spot, along with this one and another that was pulled in post. Supervision for lighting of this one.

This project was one of my favorite lighting challenges to date. The dark and edgy feeling, coupled with a willingness (perhaps eagerness even!) to stray from light’s real-world limitations in order to set the mood and tone, allowed for a truly creative collaboration between the director, the art department, the compositor, and myself.

StartupPhenomenon Women 2013

Client: Van Heyst Group

Project: Poster for the Startup Phenomenon Women portion of Startup Phenomenon 2013.

creative direction & production, design & motion




The client wanted a poster reminiscent of revolution, while still obviously feminine, to distinguish the event from the co-ed Startup Phenomenon happening the following weekend. Turnout exceeded expectation.

Project Enye

Client: The Just Media Fund

Project: Introductory video loop for

creative direction & production, design & motion

The client wanted a simple text animation explaining defining an ‘enye’ and introducing We decided upon further discussion to go with a little more graphical animation than simple text. Using the enye logo as a graphical element throughout, we kept it simple enough to not be distracting.

This Too Shall Pass

Client: SyynLabs

Project: Music Video, “This Too Shall Pass” by OK Go

sculpt & build, creative direction & production (co-management)



Creativity in Los Angeles is all about having the talent- and knowing the right people. I know some of the right people. While at Dreamworks, I had the pleasure of spending my nights in a 80,000 square foot warehouse making random and super cool stuff do even more amazing things when combined.

Originally I was hired to make kabuki dancing puppets of the band members, but it was soon clear how much work needed to be done and we all decided puppets with less than 3 seconds of fly by screen time didn’t need to be dancing.

OKGOKabukiPuppets_400x256 okgo_process_both_400x256














I welded, built, tinkered, co-managed the top floor. I did anything and everything that needed to be done that I could do (and perhaps a couple things I didn’t know I could). The mad genius of the guys and gals at Syynlabs, the palpable creative energy of the band, and the focused yet childlike joy and excitement of everyone involved made any sleep loss well worth it… though I had marble nightmares for weeks afterwards.



Reversing Desertification eCurriculum

Client: The Savory Institute
Project: Translate the training course book into an eCurriculum for global distribution

creative direction & production, design & motion, digital enhancement and compositing, photography & video

The Savory Institute contracted me to translate their curriculum from text to video in order to train those around the globe who are illiterate, don’t read English, or are otherwise unable to learn from the literature. The project entailed creating visual presentations of a plethora of information from basic mineral cycles to more complex ideas such as Holism and desertification. On a shoestring budget and rushed schedule of 3 months, I completed over 68 videos totaling over 5.5 hours of animated illustrations and edited video/photographs.


I also had the role of Production Coordinator and developed the pipeline and the schedule to which I made sure we stuck.


Schedule-with-haveneed-list-ideal_475x354   Schedule-with-haveneed-list-actual_400x298
Though there were times that the budget and the schedule prevented us from making the product we would ideally have loved to accomplish, what we were able to accomplish was a miracle in sheer scope as well as efficacy.


BrittlenessStill_1_405x304 communityDyn_450x304 overgrazingStill1_450x304 sup5_allan_450x304 U2C1_overview__450x304 VOs_mineralCycle_450x304





Logo Animations


Project: Money Clarity logo animation, supplemental animation and design, and video editing.

creative direction & production, design & motion, digital enhancement & compositing

Money Clarity is an online class offered by for women, to gain control of their finances and confidence in their financial future.

The logo animation needed to match the brand: accessible, hip, somewhat edgy, yet professional and respectable. After all, though done in a casual and personable matter, the goal is to teach women from all backgrounds to take control of their financial lives and in doing so, their futures.

Though the class remained somewhat basic, it did tackle some complex ideas that had to be explained to an audience with a wide variety of educational, financial, and technological backgrounds. In each of the 10 videos, supplemental animation and graphics were added to visually explain what owner and CEO Amanda Steinberg was talking about. The class also came with various supplementals such as checklists, schedules, and handouts.

sustainSpendChart_475x501 Business_checking_infographic_475x501


Project: Dailyworth Logo Animation



The client wanted a very quick 3 second animated logo to introduce her video content online. It needed to be hopeful, simple, sleek, and ‘hip.’

The lines exemplify what life is to so many of us who wish we had both a clearer picture and more control of our finances- chaos coming at us from all angles. With Dailyworth’s tools, tricks, and communal support the fear is alleviated and the chaos is tamed.

Music Video: “Bloody Bells”

Client: Personal, Eastern Conference Champions

Project: Music video “Bloody Bells” by Eastern Conference Champions (ECC)

creative direction & production, sculpt & build, digital enhancement & compositing, photography & video


It was obvious to me that they had to be made into puppets while listening to ECC’s album Speak-aaah. I started making muppet-style puppets but realized quickly, knowing them and having seen their live shows and how they move, that they had to be marionettes. On no budget and working in my ‘free’ time, I had a lot of fun with it. It became the official video.


Avedon Study

Client: Personal

sculpt & build

Avedon_6580_1000While at Blue Sky Studios, Mike Defeo, then head of the modeling department, Avedon_photooffered a maquette sculpting class to his guys. Although I was a lighting TD at the time, he was nice enough to let me join. He asked us each to bring a sketch for our proposed project to the first class. I brought this Richard Avedon photograph of his father.

Mike was understandably taken aback and took some convincing to let me tackle it. As the project went on, it evolved to be less about getting it to look exactly like the photograph and more of a skin texture study for me – an opportunity to learn from a master.

Later, on the same day that I finally labeled it finished, Richard Avedon passed away.






Hugging Machine

Client: Personal

sculpt & build


For my senior thesis at Columbia University, I made a hugging machine. It had to be adjustable so everyone could receive a hug at optimal height. I sewed a fleece padded body with belly and water balloon breasts, because, let’s face it, they make a hug great.




Client: Americas For The Arts

Project: Promotional Video for Americas Latino Eco-Festival, 2013 & 2014

creative direction & production, design & motion

For the inaugural festival in 2013, I was hired to direct and produce a simple but dynamic motion graphics video presenting statistics explaining the necessity and origin of the festival.

For the second festival, the focus was even more on the environmental facets, officially changing the name from Americas Latino Festival to Americas Latino Eco-Festival. The new branding graphics and color scheme were included to match the changed perspective (above).